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Conservation Through Education

In late 2008, marine science students held a town hall meeting and led several presentations for the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners and the SRC School Board about converting an empty, unoccupied ranger station into an environmental center. After overwhelming positive response from the community, students succeeded in obtaining the site in March 2009. Over 2,000 community service hours later the students, under faculty supervision had created what is now the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station.

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Study Marine Science At The Beach

A unique feature of the NBMSS is that its students are also its teachers. Navarre High School students who are a part of the Marine Science Station take their skills and passion for marine science and in turn teach the visiting school groups and camps about the cutting edge science in which they are currently immersed. They gain a perspective on not only applied content, but also in peer teaching.

“I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge about the ocean and how we can help protect it and a sense of community and family from the staff. It is definitely an experience I’ll never forget. I love going out and teaching the community everything I have learned at the station. It is truly an amazing place!”

– Lauren Raes, Class of 2015

Congratulations to Charlene Mauro, our director, on receiving the 2018 SeaWorld Outstanding Environmental Educator Award! We are so proud of you, Charlene, and your outstanding contribution in creating tomorrow’s ocean stewards!

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